Chub Bryant's 21-foot Stroker ramains
a "stealth bassboat" in the ultra-
high-performance marketplace, even
though it has achieved notoriety on its
reputation for ultra-high speeds and precision
handling. Now that the word's gotten around,
however, the Stroker is gaining popularity due
to a couple other factors; namely, quality and fishability.
This past spring, at the Bass & Walleye
BOATS Run 'N' rallye, the deep purple
and black stroker 21' was one of the most
popular rides at the Boat Demo section of the
event , due in part to the way it was rigged. The
boat had a menacing 280 hp Merc 2.5 EFI on
the transom capable of 100 mph blast.
Prospective buyers returning from their thrill
ride had other observations besides speed,
commenting on the boat's excellent design,
layout and fishability.
Stroker is concentrating on improvements
for 2000 rather than expanding into new
models. Upgrades to the 21-footer are many,
and center on taking the ride, comfort and
fishability up a notch.
For starters, a new dash layout makes gauge
reading at high speeds easier, and the plastic
dash panel has been eliminated in favor of a
smooth gelcoat finish with gauges set directly
in the fiberglass (aluminum trim bezels are
available for a custom touch). A tilt helm is
also optional for drivers needing more room
between their knees and the dash. More
instrument options include a wider choice
of fishfinders and GPS units.
All deck lids have been redesigned to incor-
porate more support for "heavier" anglers,
and core construction has been changed
slightly to accommodate users who frequent
rougher waters. This has afforded a stiffer,
more rigid hull that rides and handles better
at higher speeds as well.
The seats have been puffed up more with
better, denser foam for higher resistance to
"bottoming " in heavier use. Finally, over the
transom back wash has been eliminated with
the application of a trick jackplate modification
borrowed from outboard drag racing.
Last year, gelcoat man and jack-of-all trades
Kevin Bryant (Chub's son) taught himself the
hig art of gelcoat fades, where one color grad-
ually fades into another. Fades are extremely
difficult to apply correctly and achieve the de-
sired effect, but the new gelcoat offering
shows the younger Bryant has learned his
craft quickly and with precision. Fades are now
a color option of choice on all new 21 Strokers,
and the effect is truly striking.